ASL Fall 2014 Class Registration

Please use this form if you intend to participate in the American Sign Language 101 or 102 class for the Fall 2014 term. Please note that filling out this form is not a confirmation of enrollment. To finalise enrollment in either class, please pay the course registration fee at the RSU desk on the third floor of the Student Centre between the hours of 10am and 6pm, or connect with the RyeACCESS Coordinator by emailing

If there are any question, please contact
() -

ASL101-Beginner (Mondays)

ASL102-Intermediate (Tuesdays)

* Please choose which course you would like to enrol in.


RyeACCESS recognizes that students with disabilities have a diverse range of experiences both on and off campus. However, one experience that is consistent is that of disempowerment.

As students with disabilities it is our time to reclaim our bodies and minds, take control of the services we use, and work with our allies to achieve the freedom and autonomy we deserve. This freedom comes in multiple forms including: professors and staff working with us to find creative solutions; the ability to physically access every building, classroom and office on campus; knowing that when you are experiencing a crisis that people will be there to support you in the ways you need – rather than forcing treatment; full choice and self-direction of support services such as attendants, interpreters, and interveners; and much more.

RyeACCESS works to reclaim our bodies and minds through advocacy, campaigns, outreach, education, and events. We focus on both systemic and individual issues in an effort to create an equitable environment and promote the empowerment, autonomy and freedom of students with disabilities.

Contact: RyeACCESS
416.979.5255 x 4504