Board of Directors Structure

The Board of Directors is the representative body for all full-time undergraduate and all graduate students at Ryerson University. Elected annually, their terms run for one year from May 1 to April 30. The Board works to ensure that the concerns of students from individual faculties and programs are well represented at the RSU.

The Board is composed of a number of different Directors:

Faculty Directors: elected directly to the Board by full-time students in their respective faculty.

Senate Director: elected from those students who represent their faculty at Senate.

Course Unions & Student Groups Director: elected by and from the incoming executives of the RSU Student Groups and Course Unions.

Residence Director: appointed from Residence Council to sit on the Board as an ex-officio member.

Your 2014-15 Executive

Rajean Hoilett, President

Jesse Root, Vice-President Education

Pascale Diverlus, Vice-President Equity

Dora Adobea, Vice-President Operations

Saphi Subendran, Vice-President Student Life & Events

2014-2015 RSU Board of Directors

Anuja Jeeva

Bianca Perry

Arts Director

Arts Director

Stephanie Stanov

Arts Director

Yannick Walcott

Business Director

Shelly Campbell

Business Director

Shayna Asgill

Business Director

Mynhung Le

Business Director

Amal Albaz

FCAD Director

Krista Brown

FCAD Director

Jessica Albotra

FCAD Director

Alfred Lam

Community Services Director

Marie Wei

Community Services Director

Daniela Glaser

Community Services Director

Nicole Castillo

Community Services Director

Adrian Strupp

FEAS Director

Behzad Taghizadeh

FEAS Director


FEAS Director


Sciences Director


At Large Representatives                                         


Angel He Wang

Course Union Director

Sabah Choudhry

Student Group Director

Sarah Keith

Residence Representative

Samuel Pereira

Senate Representative


Graduate Representative Committee  

Ali Naqvi


Tu Tran

Deputy Education


Deputy Student Life

Chirag Bhatia

Deputy Finance 

Lisa Hoffman

Grad at Large